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6 Major Land Buying Checklist

11 Jul

Like every other person, you have been saving up for years in order to invest in buying land for either investment purposes or building your own home. Especially if you are a first time home owner, the experience can be quite challenging if you are not adequately prepared for the unforeseen challenges. Buying land for investment purposes may have some…

Property News | Lagos and other Major Cities of Nigeria

03 Jul

Are you in search for latest agreegation of real estate development stories in just one sweep, look no further, we will on a weekly basis be giving you updated information on real estate developments in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria. You may want to look out for key advertisements on Lands for sale in Lagos and other key…

Buying Land in Lagos: 5 Documents to Ask For!

06 Jun

Are you really confused about the type of documents to demand from a potential land seller when buying land in Lagos or perhaps anywhere in Nigeria? I know it is a very tough one and you are not the only person in that situation. Considering our type of environment and the many stories we have heard about land related frauds,…

Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

27 Mar

Real Estate Investment may just be the idea you need to explore as you make some money and intend to invest the cash into some near, medium and long term investments. These investment vehicles serve different purposes and you may want to consider what your objectives are in deciding how to invest. What is Real Estate Investment? Investments in real…

A 'living rent' could solve the housing crisis

26 Aug

It’s a sensible question – while in theory, lenders have to take steps to ensure you can afford to keep up the monthly repayments (as much for their own sake as yours), buyers can still end up saddled with a mortgage they can’t afford. There are a number of mortgage calculators online, such as the one provided by SPF, which…

The draw of waterfront homes on the French Riviera

26 Aug

A home on the water is often considered to be the ultimate property purchase. Whether it is a lifestyle choice, holiday home or retirement dream, waterfront property has an eternal appeal. The Victorians introduced sea bathing, widely encouraged for its health benefits. The French Riviera, or the Côte d’Azur as it is also known, often tops the bucket list of…

10 steps to buying a property off-plan

25 Aug

Buying off-plan is something many people shy away from because they feel it’s a complicated process that is best left for people with a lot of property experience. The truth is it’s really simple and can be a very intelligent investment. Here are 10 steps to purchasing an apartment off-plan. You won’t be able to get a mortgage offer until…


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